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Black bags of plastic bags

Black bags of plastic bags
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1, dark plastic bags burning: the current plastic bag is a major way of burning, burning will produce a substance called dioxin, is currently known that the greatest harm to this material is irreversible "three" toxicity , Which is teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic.It is "the largest environmental hormone poisoning," once through the environmental media and food chain into the body or wild animals, it will interfere with its endocrine system and reproductive function system, affecting future generations Life and reproduction. Dioxin is a colorless and tasteless fat-soluble substances, it is very toxic, is cyanide 130 times, 900 times the arsenic, "the century of poison," said the International Cancer Research Center has been Environmental experts say, "dioxin" often with tiny particles in the atmosphere, soil and water, the main source of pollution is the chemical metallurgical industry, waste incineration, paper and the production of pesticides, etc. The PVC bags used in people 's daily life contain chlorine, which releases dioxins when they are burned and are suspended in the air.

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2, plastic bags filled with waste plastics with landfill will not only take up a lot of land, and the occupation of land for a long time can not be restored, affecting the sustainable use of land.As the garbage into the garbage if the landfill , 200 years of time without degradation, which exacerbated the pressure of land resources.Human not only our generation to be surrounded by garbage, but also make future generations to lose their living space.

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