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Supply of high quality black plastic bags

Supply of high quality black plastic bags
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A plastic bag is a major treatment is burning, burning will produce a substance called dioxin, is currently known, the greatest harm to this material is irreversible "three to" toxicity, That is, teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic.It is "the largest environmental hormone poisoning," once through the environmental media and food chain into the human body or wild animals, it will interfere with its endocrine system and reproductive function system, affecting the survival of future generations And dioxin is a colorless and tasteless fat-soluble substances, it is very toxic, is cyanide 130 times, 900 times the arsenic, "the century of poison," said the International Cancer Research Center has Environmental experts say, "dioxin" often with tiny particles in the atmosphere, soil and water, the main source of pollution is the chemical metallurgical industry, waste incineration, paper and the production of pesticides and other industries People 's daily use of PVC plastic bags contain chlorine, burning these items will release dioxin, suspended in the air.

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